When Col. Benjamin Wettermark emptied the bank and skipped town in 1903, he left his wife, his children and his mansion behind. “Saving the Oldest Town in Texas” looks at the banker, the house designed by the best architect in Nacogdoches and the impact Col. Wettermark’s betrayal had on the woman who loved him and the town that trusted him. 

Saving the Oldest Town in Texas is a finalist for the 2019 International Book Awards from American Book Fest!

Looking for Saving the Oldest Town in Texas?

Check your local bookstores--Bosslight Bookstore in Nacogdoches & Cactus Bookstore in San Angelo.  Or go to amazon.com/author/lindathorsenbond.com for print or audiobook.

I've had a GREAT time presenting the story of Daisy Wettermark at clubs and meetings around Texas.  I also love the organizations that invite me to speak about writing historical fiction.


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