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Pretty Excited about the Tellys!

Updated: May 8, 2019

Thanks to everyone who voted for the People's Choice and the SMART judges who picked the historical productions!

John Mieras was the sound of the 1920s for the television production and the live performances.

While I taught in the Department of Mass Communication at SFA, I had a wonderful time writing and producing historic plays for the Old University Building, Millard’s Crossing and Friends of Historic Nacogdoches. There’s nothing more fun to me than creating immersive historic events that let people step into the past.

When we moved to Colorado, I called the St. Vrain Historical Society and asked if I could create a play for them. They own the Historic Hoverhome, built in 1913, perfectly preserved and open to the public. I decided to set the show in 1925 because that was a significant date in Longmont history. In addition to the live outdoor drama, I wrote a television script for Eyes on Longmont, the Channel 8 TV production group, and they created a beautiful video with top-notch production values.

The silver Telly Award is for People’s Choice, which means thousands of people across the United States voted for our production. The bronze award was judged by experts to be one of the most significant historical television productions of the year.

We’ve moved back to Texas and I’m excited that SFA Press is publishing my book, “Saving the Oldest Town in Texas.” Maybe sometime we can make a television show about that!

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