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The Cowboys are Coming!

Updated: May 7, 2021

Cowboys who earned their spurs on television, musicians who capture the music of the Wild West and poets who write about the lonesome prairie are coming to San Angelo July 23-26 for the Cowboy Way Jubilee.

The three-day event at Fort Concho is like a Comic-Con® for Cowboys. Fans can get up close and personal with Western stars and authors and take part in workshops and demos. The Jubilee features old Western movies and TV series episodes, discussions, and the larger-than-life people who acted in them. There is cowboy music all day every day — that’s the “western” part of “Country and Western,” and special evening concerts.

Guests are invited to dress up in period costume from the 1800s to the early 1900s and enter the costume contest. There’s a chuck wagon cook, food and vendors, with poets and cowboys and cowgirls spinnin’ yarns (that’s storytelling for citified folk).

The Cowboy Way Jubilee begins Thursday, Oct 7-10. I'll have a table for book signing and I'll be performing as Daisy Wettermark.

For out-of-towners, the San Angelo Convention & Visitors Bureau has arranged a pre-jubilee Discover San Angelo Tour with a three-day itinerary.

The Cowboy Way Jubilee is a fun-filled weekend for the whole family. ALL kids under 18 are admitted FREE.  There are fees for workshops or special movies, but kids can meet the stars and listen to music completely free. Go to to see pricing and information and to register for the event. For more information, read the Cowboy Way Tribune newsletter at the website.

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