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Updated: May 7, 2021

From Readers’ Favorite:

Reviewed By Dawn Weaver for Readers’ Favorite

What do you see in an old house that looks like it’s about to collapse? Do you see its history? Do you catch a glimpse of the grandeur that it once held? Do you wonder about the people who called the house their home? That is what Peggy does in Saving the Oldest Town in Texas by Linda Thorsen Bond when she steps into the old Wettermark house while looking for a new home in Nacogdoches, Texas. She is gripped with an irresistible desire to restore this home to its original beauty. Along the way, this spunky 78-year-old attracts a wide assortment of co-restorers, helpers, and friends, and she discovers the amazing and disturbing story behind this incredible home in the oldest town in Texas.

I absolutely loved Saving the Oldest Town in Texas by Linda Thorsen Bond! This book is an incredible blend of two stories, separated by over a century, but joined at the heart. Bond flawlessly intertwines the tragedy of the Wettermark family with the restoration journey of Peggy and the town she now calls her home; Nacogdoches, Texas. I thoroughly enjoyed both aspects of the story. I couldn’t wait to return to the 19th century to find out how Daisy was doing, and then I couldn’t wait to come back to modern-day Nacogdoches to see how Peggy’s restoration efforts were faring. Both stories were captivating and filled with memorable and lovable characters! If ever there was a book to inspire historical renovators, this is it!

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